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Reuniclus is among the very best RU Pokemon thanks to its incredible versatility, great bulk, Calm Mind, and good support moves like Future Sight and Knock Off. Calm Mind Reuniclus finds set up opportunity against common top-tier Pokemon like Crobat, Registeel, and Vileplume. Calm Mind Reuniclus also has a fairly limited pool of checks, mostly Dark-, Ghost-, and Water-types like Pangoro, Dhelmise, Milotic, and Golisopod, and Reuniclus can get past any of them with the right moveset. Rocky Helmet Reuniclus is able to take advantage of typical counterplay to Calm Mind Reuniclus by crippling Pokemon like Milotic and Incineroar with Knock Off and Toxic, and few Pokemon can take the combination of Knock Off and Toxic safely. Rocky Helmet helps wear down Pokemon like Metagross and U-turn users like Crobat. Specially Defensive Future Sight Reuniclus takes on special attackers like Nidoqueen, offensive Roserade, and Life Orb Sigilyph. Life Orb Reuniclus can quickly destroy checks to Calm Mind Reuniclus like Milotic and Incineroar, but this set has the least defensive utility.

Rocky Helmet Reuniclus is great at wearing down the opposition

Reuniclus can struggle against highly offensive teams filled with Pokemon that do not lend it opportunity to set up and can be filled with Pokemon like Mimikyu, Sharpedo, and Heracross.

Reuniclus's high HP stat and amazing abilities in Magic Guard and Regenerator allow it to function as a bulky setup sweeper or a specially defensive pivot. With high Special Attack, it's no offensive slouch either, so it can use Psyshock to come out on top in Calm Mind wars against Pokemon such as Sigilyph and Rest variants of Suicune. However, without boosts, it can be easily overwhelmed by strong special attackers. It can also have trouble with Dark- and Ghost-types such as Incineroar, Guzzlord, Golurk, and Chandelure. On the other hand, an Assault Vest set can be used to answer some of the strong special attackers in the tier such as Raikou, Xurkitree, and Nidoqueen. However, this set is extremely vulnerable to Knock Off, as it will severely reduce its effectiveness in standing up to such special attackers.

name: Defensive Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Psyshock
move 3: Focus Blast / Thunder
move 4: Recover
item: Leftovers / Colbur Berry / Life Orb
ability: Magic Guard
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Psyshock is able to help win Calm Mind wars against Pokemon such as Raikou and Rest Suicune, unlike Psychic. Focus Blast mainly serves to hit Steel- and Dark-types such as Registeel, Steelix, Incineroar, and Umbreon. Shadow Ball is an alternative for more immediate power when facing Psychic-types such as Celebi and Gardevoir, while also hitting the niche Doublade, which otherwise walls Reuniclus. However, it misses out on Dark-types such as Incineroar. Magic Guard allows Reuniclus to set up without being hindered by status conditions such as poison and burn. Colbur Berry is an alternate item that can be considered over Leftovers to stomach hits from Pangoro and Incineroar so Reuniclus can retaliate with Focus Blast. However, the loss of passive recovery can affect Reuniclus's ability to switch into or set up on certain Pokemon.

Spikes or Toxic Spikes support from Pokemon such as Roserade, Heracross, and Galarian Weezing is greatly appreciated, as it helps wear down bulky opposition. Additionally, the former two Pokemon help deal with some of the menacing Electric-types in the tier such as Raikou and Xurkitree, while Galarian Weezing helps deal with pesky physical attackers, such as Heracross and Pangoro. Knock Off support from Pokemon such as Incineroar and Golisopod, especially when coupled with Spikes or Toxic Spikes support, is extremely beneficial thanks to removing Heavy-Duty Boots from Pokemon such as Incineroar and Leftovers from Suicune and bulky Steel-types such as Registeel and Klefki. Diancie also makes for a good partner, as it checks strong special attackers like Chandelure and Nasty Plot Togekiss. It is also able to set Stealth Rock and handle Dark-types such as Incineroar. As Reuniclus can tend to be reliant on its item, whether it be Leftovers or Colbur Berry, Knock Off from Pokemon such as Incineroar and opposing Reuniclus can be a nuisance. Therefore, good Knock Off absorbers such as Galarian Weezing and Rest variants of Suicune complement Reuniclus nicely.

name: Rocky Helmet
move 1: Psychic / Night Shade
move 2: Recover
move 3: Knock Off / Future Sight
move 4: Toxic / Future Sight
item: Rocky Helmet
ability: Magic Guard
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA

Psychic lets Reuniclus hit Bewear

name: Specially Defensive Future Sight
move 1: Future Sight
move 2: Psyshock / Night Shade
move 3: Knock Off / Focus Blast
move 4: Recover / Shadow Ball / Knock Off
item: Heavy-Duty Boots / Rocky Helmet / Assault Vest
ability: Regenerator
nature: Calm
evs: 208 HP / 16 Def / 36 SpA / 248 SpD

Psyshock provides consistent damage against Calm Mind users such as Raikou and Suicune. Future Sight allows Reuniclus to apply pressure on the opposing team, creating scenarios where the opponent is forced to make a choice between switching to their walls or key threats to take the Future Sight damage or sending out their Dark- or Steel-type, and both scenarios can be exploited accordingly. Focus Blast mainly serves to hit Steel- and Dark-types such as Registeel, Steelix, and Incineroar. Shadow Ball allows Reuniclus to hit Psychic-types, such as Celebi, as well as Ghost-types, namely Chandelure and the uncommon Doublade. If Reuniclus's teammates can sufficiently deal with Focus Blast or Shadow Ball targets, it can opt to run Knock Off, which is a neat utility move that removes key items like Heavy-Duty Boots from Pokemon such as Incineroar and Leftovers from Suicune and bulky Steel-types such as Registeel and Klefki. This is extremely valuable on teams with Spikes or Toxic Spikes support. 24 Special Attack EVs with a Modest nature allow Reuniclus to always break the Substitute of standard Suicune with Psyshock.

As Reuniclus requires its Assault Vest to constantly pivot into special attacks, it hates Knock Off. Therefore, Galarian Weezing and Rest Suicune are good choices as Knock Off absorbers. Heracross and Electric-types such as Raikou and Xurkitree appreciate the pressure that Future Sight exerts on Poison-types such as Galarian Weezing, Roserade, and Nidoqueen, and are good wallbreakers and cleaners with such targets removed. Ground-types such as Nidoqueen and Steelix provide Stealth Rock support and block Volt Switch, which means the opposition cannot easily take advantage of Reuniclus constantly pivoting into their Electric-type special attackers.

name: Life Orb Three Attacks
move 1: Psychic
move 2: Focus Blast
move 3: Thunder / Shadow Ball
move 4: Recover
item: Life Orb
ability: Magic Guard
nature: Modest
evs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD

Life Orb Reuniclus can quickly destroy typical counterplay to its other sets like Pangoro and Haze Milotic with a Life Orb boosted Thunder or Focus Blast. Thunder lets Reuniclus smash through Milotic quickly. Shadow Ball hits Celebi which otherwise counters this set

Other Options
Trick Room over Recover significantly improves Life Orb Reuniclus's matchup against offensive teams, but it gives up its defensive capabilities. Another set is a dual boosting set with Calm Mind and Acid Armor, with Stored Power as the only attack. With the right conditions, such as the opposing Dark-types and wallbreakers being removed, it can absolutely tear through teams. However, the prevalence of Dark- and Ghost-types such as Incineroar and Mimikyu makes it hard to find avenues for this set to thrive. It can also be easily overwhelmed by strong attackers if it does not get enough turns to set up. Trick coupled with an item such as Sticky Barb or Iron Ball can serve to cripple the opposing team.

Add Tanga Berry and no item

Checks and Counters
**Strong Special Attackers**: Strong special attackers such as Chandelure, Toxtricity, and Togekiss threaten to overwhelm Reuniclus before it is able to get up multiple Calm Mind boosts under its belt.

**Dark-types**: Dark-types such as Incineroar, Sharpedo, and Pangoro can be huge nuisances to Reuniclus, as it is threatened by their respective Dark-type STAB moves and has to rely on Focus Blast to pick them off, although they dislike switching into Knock Off and Toxic as well. Colbur Berry variants improve Reuniclus's matchup against Dark-types.

**Knock Off**: Losing Leftovers or Assault Vest to Knock Off from Pokemon such as Tornadus, Golisopod, and Salazzle limits Reuniclus's overall effectiveness.

**Phazing**: Haze from Milotic and Clear Smog from Gastrodon are massive hinderances for Reuniclus when trying to set up for a Calm Mind sweep.


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